Franchise Business Ownership

Achieving 20-20 Vision with Semi-Absentee Franchise Business Ownership

For many people, owning a business has been a lifelong dream. They have wanted to experience the challenge of building a company that could give them control over their destiny, freedom, flexibility in their life, in addition, an opportunity to build wealth.  Unfortunately, even when there is a strong desire and passion, too often, that dream seems to be on hold. Not to mention, leaving a seemingly secure full-time job could feel too risky financially making the timing not feel right for your family.  Whatever the reason might be, Franchise Business ownership together with a semi-absentee owner offers a solution for you.

Semi-Absentee Franchise Business Ownership Features:

Many franchise companies have developed systems that allow franchisees to be part-time while their proven managers run the business on a full-time basis. Semi-absentee franchise business ownership, or Semi-Passive ownership, typically opens Multi-Unit or broad territories that range from three to five or more stores.  Keeping your current job in addition to starting a franchise business is a great way to achieve the ownership dream.

Furthermore, investors can keep their job and generate additional sources of income. The successful passive franchise owner keeps their primary day job in addition to personal lifestyle that fits the needs of their family and interests.  The semi-absent franchisee hires proven managers to manage the daily operations of the business. Equally important, you, as the franchisee, stays focused on scaling the company into a Multi-location or Multi-territory enterprise. The franchisor offers robust technology, operational systems, and “Support” for you and your team to execute in your community. With a modest investment of resources upfront, your future franchise should deliver relatively hands-free, income for the right investor. The most valuable asset the owner brings is the ability to manage and motive a team! As the business grows and gains profitability, the owner can choose to remain in their career or join the business full-time. 

Investments start at $75,000 liquid assets, and $200,000 Net Worth and typically fit these models:

  • Boutique Fitness Industry (Gyms, Yoga, Women Only, Running, Kids Fitness…)
  • Children’s Education Industry (Tutoring, STEM…)
  • Beauty Specialty Industry (Hair, Nail, Lash Salons….)
  • Health & Wellness Industry (Weight Loss, Spa/Massage…)
  • Food Industry (Sandwich, Bowls, Dessert, Ethnic, Coffee….)
  • Home Services (Repairs, Remodel, Landscaping….)
  • Shared Space Industry (Office, Storage, Hair…)
  • Specialty Retail (Electronics, IT, Women’s, Slightly Used Clothes)

As a franchise advisor, Scott Diener has identified many leading-edge franchises that fit this category.  Not all franchisors offer a semi-absentee option, the FDD is helpful to see if it’s available. Ready to learn if the CEO Model is for you?  Contact Scott to learn more about how franchise ownership can uniquely achieve your lifelong dream.  He is an experienced franchise advisor whom can educate you about the industry, in addition, he will NEVER charge you a fee.  Additionally, you benefit by getting an experienced franchise coach who can educate you, as well as be a sounding board during your franchise discovery process.