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"I was at a transition point in my career when Scott reached out to discuss franchise ownership as an option. I was skeptical at first, but I quickly found Scott to be a valuable resource in helping me explore business ownership as a real possibility. After getting to know me, he introduced me to several brands that fit my initial requirements and provided the support and guidance I needed to evaluate each brand. Thanks to Scott I was able to secure an area development role with an emerging brand that perfectly fits my business ownership goals and objectives. Scott continues to be a trusted advisor and I know that I can count on him for ongoing support and advice. I highly recommend Scott to anyone who is considering franchise ownership."


Phoenix, AZ



York, South Carolina

York, SC


"One day in 2021, I received an unexpected email in my inbox from Scott Diener asking if I had ever considered Franchising. And honestly, I hadn't. Not even once. Not for a second. Although I was finding myself increasingly unsatisfied in my Corporate America role of 30+ years, I promptly deleted his message and went on with life as usual. A few weeks later, I got another very nice inquiry from Scott checking to see if I was interested in learning more about Franchising. I paused and thought… "should I be?". This time, I didn't hit the delete button and didn't act on it either. But there was a seed planted. I started looking around and noticing just how many different franchises there were out there. So, the third time Scott graciously reached out to me, I figured I probably wouldn't do anything with it but what did I have to lose to hear what he had to say? I scheduled a time to chat. And I'm so glad that I did as I am now in the process of opening my first franchise in a field that I am passionate about, and I will open another two locations after that. This is a franchise that I didn't even know existed and never would have found on my own. And Scott has been there every step of the way, guiding me along this new path to being in charge of my own daily life and my own business as a franchisee. He exposed me to numerous opportunities, helped me navigate through the details of each, he's given me guidance, he's answered all my many questions, provided reassurance, and has been a sounding board whenever I need it. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Scott to seek his advice on any facet of business ownership or franchising. And I look forward to sharing with him news of my successes in the future."

"After 30 years in an industry that I loved, I found myself ready for a whole new challenge, and change. The time is right for my entrepreneurial spirit to launch -- to come alive where I can put my skills, experience, passion and drive to work building a successful business and a new level of wealth for me and my family. I interviewed and worked with a couple of Franchise Coaches and Consultants. I wasn't finding all the ingredients required for my idea of a successful business model recipe. I was looking for a recession resistant industry (driven by need, not want) with reasonable start-up cost, high revenue, high margin, low opex and a strong EBITDA potential. Then I met Scott Diener with Pro Franchise Advisor. Scott spent quality time getting to know me personally and professionally. It wasn't long he proved he was listening by providing a relative list of business options. We discussed these, and selected a few for me to research further. In surprisingly short order, I found the franchise that checked all the right boxes. Just like they said could happen, this is an industry I never would have thought about buying a franchise without the introduction. Scott has been there all along the progress path -- right up to start-up. I really appreciate the guidance, professional advice and supply of resources provided. I look forward to keeping Scott as a resource and sounding board, and sharing stories of the good days and of course a few not so good. Thank you, Scott."

Ed & Chris

Fort Myers, FL


Ricky & Libby

Atlanta, GA


"Working with Scott has been a fantastic experience. I would categorize Scott's overall approach as working to build a relationship with me, getting to know me personally and professionally, and then trying to find business opportunities based on knowing me, as opposed to trying to sell me on anything. He started off by asking a lot of questions and taking me through a process to help him, and me, get a deeper insight into the things I like and don't like, what I'm good at and not as good at, etc. Then based on that he identified a number of different business concepts to explore. We started by casting the net wide, then went through a vetting process to narrow in on what made the most sense. Scott was incredibly patient and really focused on letting the process play itself out, vs. trying to rush to an answer that may or may not have been the best fit. As a result, we landed on something that I'm very excited about and that I believe will be highly successful. Scott has provided valuable coaching from start through to this day, and even though I'm now officially "done" with my selection process and have started my business, he remains involved and shows a true interest in me seeing this through to the results I expect. I appreciate all of the help, and value the relationship and friendship that I've built with Scott along the way."

"I am a proud franchise owner and I would not be able to say that if Scott had not reached out to me that one day in Aug 2019. I was at a career cross roads wanting something different but I could not explain what I wanted or how different a career path I was willing to take. Scott used all his skills on me, with his career coaching background he listened to me to understand what I was looking for and opened my eyes to the vast opportunities that existed out there. Scott, as a franchisee himself fully understands the path you are on and leads you every step of the way. After researching many industry options, I was able to zero in and find my next path."


San Diego, CA


Resa & Ted

Sterling, VA


"My experience with learning about franchising, I thought was unique, but the more I talk to seasoned professional, it is has become the norm. Executives, working in high power roles, get to a point where they stop, look around and re-evaluate “why am I doing this for someone else”. I too, had a similar experience and gave myself the gift of time to evaluate finding a new job or taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur, which I’ve long had the desire to do. I was fortunate enough to connect with Scott Diener, which was the best decision I made. Scott has a very thoughtful, methodical process to help you truly understand who you are, what skill set you have and do you have the intestinal fortitude to be an entrepreneur."

"Scott is a great coach and advisor through the entire franchise evaluation process. His background and personal experiences allowed him to directly relate to my exact situation in life, and adjust to my unique personality and thought process. His empathy, professional methods, and personal engagement gained him a high level of credibility and trust. And as a result, open dialogue took place throughout the entire process and continues to this day. My personal investigative process was thorough; requiring commitment, devoted time, and a bit of knowledge work. But once the final decision was made, my wife and I were confident that we made the right decision entirely on our own. I never felt that Scott was a "franchise broker" or that he represented a specific brand. Rather, he was a partner, a guide, and an advisor that helped during the investigation process and helped us find the right fit."

Chris & Jennifer

Lafayette, LA


Jerry & Lorena

Aurora, Colorado


"Working with Scott was a pleasure. This was our first venture into the franchise business ownership and we were glad to have someone like Scott to lead us through this journey. He spent the time to assess our level of engagement, personal abilities and to learned about us and what motivated us to take this step at this point in our lives. His assessment tools were very beneficial to both my wife and I to get us focused on the best line of business and the perfect franchise for us. All of the brands we were introduced to were relevant to our preferences, in line with our strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly Scott followed our direction relative to the type of brands we would consider. Scott stayed with us through the process, keeping in touch weekly until we narrowed the search and made a decision. The education tools that he provided us in order to evaluate the different business proved to be extremely valuable to us. After we made the decision, Scott remained a trusted sounding board and offered his assistance as we move ahead on this new enterprise we started. We appreciate Scott and the services he provides. We are not sure we would be where we are today without his assistance and expertise on the franchise business space."

"Sometimes in life, fate steps in and clears up your vision on your future. That moment happened to me when Scott Diener saw my resume online and called me. He introduced himself and reason why he was calling and thought I would be a good fit to own a franchise. I’ve talked with franchise advisors in the past and Scott stood out above all the others. He was very professional and was extremely interested in me and my family. I was recently downsized from a mid-level executive position and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do the rest of my life. Scott ask a lot of questions to get to know me, he wanted to know my interests and vision on my future. Scott asked me what I liked about my previous positions, the type of work I enjoyed, and the lifestyle I wanted for my family. He was very thorough and provided me with several excellent opportunities. I bought a franchise that fit the description I desired and check all the boxes I expressed to Scott. I would highly recommend using Scott Diener and Pro Franchise Advisor in your search for business ownership. "


Harrisburg, PA


Bill & Minda

Princeton, NJ


"Scott Diener was incredibly helpful through our entire franchise signing process. He took us from evaluation phase to vetting various franchise opportunities to getting us ready for signing day. He is truly a gem in the world of franchise advisors, and we would recommend him highly to anyone starting in their journey of becoming a franchise owner. Not only does he help you navigate the very complex process, he is always available to answer questions and help you make an educated choice. We have learned a great deal from his expertise and count him as a confidante, as well as a friend. Thank you, Scott!"

"In the short time I’ve been working with Scott, he has earned my complete trust as a counselor, mentor, and friend. He has sound business awareness and is a skilled communicator. Scott is sincere and has a caring approach to providing an atmosphere of introspection with guided direction. I’ve never felt judged and that he has sincerely cared about me and my success. Even after finally purchasing a franchise, he’s continued to quickly answer my calls, solve a major problem for me, and follow-up with interest and advice. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a business opportunity or business advice."

James & Janet

Seattle, WA


Dean & Cathy

Denver, CO


"For the last couple of years, I have been working on getting my own business going and just wasn’t getting where I wanted to be on my own. Last fall I started exploring other options and a family member recommended I talk to Scott Diener with Pro Franchise Advisor. Today I’m happy to say that my wife and I are now the proud owners of our own corporation in the Wide Format Printing Industry. From the start, Scott has been extremely helpful and is a big reason we have made it this far. While I had a pretty good idea what kind of business I wanted to operate, Scott also provided many other options to choose from to solidify our direction. The process he took us through was professional, attentive, thorough and insightful. Scott’s coaching and counseling have been consistently helpful, and his support and friendship continues to this day. I highly recommend Scott for anyone considering opportunities in starting a new business and look forward to our continued relationship. Thanks Scott for all you have done for us."

"Working with Scott was an absolute pleasure. I never felt any pressure to move in one direction or another when it came to the selection of the franchise I ultimately decided on for the next chapter of my career. From the initial personal assessment Scott was there to answer any questions I may have had about the prospective businesses and was able to dig into many low level details which helped in securing my decision. Scott not only had the requisite knowledge about the different offerings, but was able to extend financing options and provided solid leads as to who would be able to help in navigating the funding landscape and ultimately close on my franchise of choice. Without Scott’s relentless in pursuit of a suitable fit yet ease of our working relationship, It is unlikely I would have finalized on a decision. Thank you Scott for your continued support and being a true partner in this decision making process."


Tampa, FL