Job Uncertainty, Your Next Career Chapter

Job Uncertainty – Your Next Career Chapter

Optimism makes it easier to manage job situation changes and uncertainty to discover ‘what’s next’ in your new career chapter. The ability to understand what we can do in a given moment to have some control and be active is true optimism. Studies show that optimistic people recover faster from surgery, have lower levels of denial, and are faster to quit unsolvable challenges. 

Where focus goes, energy flows!

Top 7 Reasons People are Ready for a Career Change:

  1. You are concerned employer changes are coming and have been downsized.
  2. You are searching for alternative revenue streams, set-up an exit plan.
  3. You’ve always dreamed of biz ownership where You own the clock others punch.
  4. You have a desire to control your future that includes flexibility.
  5. The need to diversify your stock market holdings because it will yo-yo
  6. Desire to diversify your portfolio to your current existing businesses
  7. Your dream to leave a legacy for your family.

If you can identify with a majority of the above reasons, then the timing is good to begin your next career chapter. Gain the ability to pivot when your job situation changes and uncertainty appears by adjusting your goals to changing priorities.  A great way to do this is to focus on what you can control.

How do I know? Because that was me post 911, I’ve seen it happen so often with new clients. I’ve helped individuals understand who they are and create business preference models to play to their strengths. The important first step is to stay focused on the ‘End Game’ to uncover “What’s your Why”?    

Franchise Ownership Benefits

Benefits of franchise ownership offer you staying power and stability by starting a franchise business.  Ownership puts you in control of your future. For instance, as a franchise business owner, you know that your success depends on what you do each day. That can be incredibly motivating and help propel you toward success. As your business grows, so too will your sense of accomplishment. Fewer things can give you as much control over your future than owning a successful franchise business.  Few companies are better suited to helping you succeed than an established franchised business.

Hire the Best Boss — YOU!

Franchise ownership offers answers to so many questions, such as: ‘What’s your End Game’ and ‘How do you take control of your dreams’?  When you are ready to be the boss and enjoy the flexibility of work/life balance, it’s time to discover your business options so you can make your next career chapter come true. Make your move into franchising so you can be in business for yourself, not by yourself.  It might be the perfect time to start making money for yourself.  Please visit our franchise video:

Congratulations to Rick, who joined an established Service based Franchise system and will cover the middle part of PA. With a background in sales management, Rick wanted to be in control of his future. No more worries about workforce reductions or furloughs. He searched for a stable, recession-resistant model that did not compete with Amazon. He found his perfect service business and is ready for take-off! With his family, they did due diligence and made an educated decision. Rick decided NOW was the right time to hire his Best Boss!!!

The world is changing. And so are we. Let’s take your first step together!