Find The Right Business

Your Next Chapter...

  • You’ve achieved success in your career but now thinking about your next chapter. 
  • You have the entrepreneurial bug, but not sure what the next step is? 
  • You want peace of mind that your money and time are invested in the right business. Right?

My mission is to help you determine which franchise opportunities match your personal and professional goals giving you the platform to make the right educated decision to achieve success. I have worked hard to identify and build relationships with the best franchise companies in the industry. Let’s elevate your next chapter using my proven system to navigate the path to career independence and an investment in yourself and your family.

Get Personalized Model

I consult with individuals considering their franchise ownership options. By assessing a candidate’s motivations to own their own business, we have found that successful franchisees possess self-awareness and have clear ideas for their future.

I objectively evaluate your needs, skills, interests, lifestyles, investment and financial goals, preferred cultures and environments, and effectively match franchisors and franchisees into mutually beneficial business relationships that provide the best prospects for success.

Similar to employers, franchisors seek three things when determining qualified candidates. These include:

  • Technical skills
  • Soft skills (taking direction, following a business model, being a team player)
  • The right fit (personality, values, goals)

Define your goals, business acumen, and vision of your future business, and we’ll provide you with the best franchise opportunity options to fit your goals.

With 1,000 options in 100+ industries, I connect you to the perfect franchise business ownership opportunity. The best part, I never charge you a fee! Similar to an executive recruiter, the franchisors cover the cost of my referral services. The franchise fee’s do not change if you go direct.  Franchise companies prefer to work with me because I introduce candidates who have defined their business preference model, are educated about the franchise industry, their company, and are a good fit for their franchise model. My introduction undoubtedly moves you to the top of the list!

Education, Funding, & Franchise Selection

There are ~4000 franchised companies in ~100 different industries. I choose to work with the most recognized and successful franchisors in each industry segment and know their franchise models.

Not all franchises or franchisees are alike, and my specialty is finding the best fit for your particular situation and experience level. As a franchise expert, I offer proven shortcuts and sound advice to reduce mistakes and ensure new franchisees are on solid footing right from the start.

Now that you’ve defined your skill level and goals, I will introduce you to the pre-screened franchise concepts that best match your business needs. Working as your guide, you will learn about each company, its business model, and the company culture so you can realize your potential experience as an owner before making a final decision.

Be Your Own Boss

As your advisor, I empower you with a wealth of resources and educational material to focus your key attributes and interests and ignite your passions. Differentiation in today’s business world is paramount.  I offer you experience in the rewards, demands, and responsibilities of small business ownership, as well as franchise executives’ points of view.

I save you time, money, and effort by helping you research available franchise opportunities. Throughout this process, you’ll determine if you can establish a connection with one or more of the options presented. As we dive further into your possible business ownership, you may interact with legal advisors, financial advisors, other franchisees and analyze competition so you may confidently make an informed decision about your options.

I am an expert in matching franchisees with the right opportunities, and, unlike my competitors, I remain your business advocate even after you’ve purchased a franchise. Your success is my success!