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In 2001, after working in the corporate world with franchise giants for over 20 years, I dreamed of business ownership. The desire to take control of my career future was strong and making money for others was not fulfilling.  The path to entrepreneurship was unclear to me at that time because I was afraid of making mistakes.  It was time in my life for a change towards financial freedom and work-life balance, but how? I found a trusted advisor who educated me on my options and the next steps to achieve career independence. Together, let’s find the right franchise opportunity for you! 

Scott Diener

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Franchise Opportunities

Get Personalized Model

Together, we develop your personalized road map with your needs, lifestyle goals, and core ‘why’ to finding a proven franchise model. It starts with taking a free entrepreneur assessment, learning about the franchise industry, how to secure funding, and how to avoid costly mistakes by leveraging my experience to save you time and money.

Franchise education and funding

Education, Secure Funding, & Selection

Your personalized characteristics model is used to filter many solid franchise opportunities.  After narrowing the options, I introduce you to franchisors, franchisees who may become your peers, and continue to guide you during the due diligence process to discover which options are right for you. 

Franchise ownership

Be Your Own Boss

After following my 7-step investigative process, connecting with professional advisors, and making an educated decision on which franchise opportunity is the right fit, you will realize the benefits of business ownership.  At no cost, I will remain a sounding board post-purchase.



Learn if franchising is right for you by taking my FREE Online Entrepreneur Assessment. As a gift, receive my easy-to-digest guide and tips to limit mistakes and pitfalls in choosing the best franchise opportunity for you! 

Franchising Made Simple! ($17 value) 

Your Trusted Advisor = Happy Clients

"I interviewed and worked with a couple of Franchise Coaches and Consultants.  I wasn't finding all the ingredients required.  Then I met Scott.  Scott spent quality time getting to know me personally and professionally."
"Working with Scott has been a fantastic experience. I would categorize Scott's overall approach as working to build a relationship with me as opposed to trying to sell me on anything."​
"Working with Scott was a pleasure. This was our first venture into the franchise business ownership and we were glad to have someone like Scott to lead us through this journey."​

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I will listen intently and work diligently to understand and evaluate your personal and professional goals, all to align you with franchise opportunities that fit your ideal career path.

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