Self Employment through Franchising

Discover Self Employment Through Franchising

It’s time for you to commit to your vision and goals for the future!  Many make resolutions, at the beginning of the year or anytime after, but do they keep them?  Research shows within 6 weeks of making goals, 80% of people give up.  You need to rely on yourself for a career change and seize the dream.  Likewise, be part of the few who make change, such as a career change, versus the many that talk!  You can discover self employment through franchising.  A franchise coach is a guide who works with you through the discovery process, it’s important that they have a solid system to offer you.  

Ready to learn more about self-employment through franchising and commit to starting your journey to separate yourself from the 80% who give up?

You need to dig deep within your desires and motivation to tap the inner you shines as a business owner.  Yes, you can be your own boss, but it won’t happen by accident.  You need to WANT it.  As a matter of fact, often you need to ‘need it’ to make the dream come true.  When you get pushed up against a wall, facing a bad job match or lay-off, the need becomes a huge motivator.

Discovering self employment through franchising is best achieved with the help of a franchise coach who offers the following features in their process:

  1. Personal Assessment: The coach concentrates on learning everything about you that is relevant to franchising.  Furthermore, your coach helps set goals as they gain insight into your values, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations.  A behavioral profiling system is helpful to match you with other franchisee styles.
  2. The process introduces you to multiple franchise companies that match your values, needs, skills, strengths, and day-to-day lifestyle.  Only pre-screened companies are introduced.
  3. Your coach presents brands and evaluates them with you.
  4. Weekly meetings help dig deeper into the companies of interest.  These meetings are spread out so your education and evaluation process is focused, thorough.  This allows you to learn about the mechanics of franchising during your brand exploration.
  5. Expert guidance and education, in addition to extra educational info, assists your franchise evaluation process.  The process identifies industries that have a unique connection to your needs and skillsets.
  6. Post-buy communication and leadership counsel are a key feature. Ideally, your franchise coach has experienced firsthand what you are going through.  They have worked in the franchise industry in both the corporate and franchisee capacities, letting them better relate to your challenges.
  7. The process is always free to you.  You are never obliged to choose a franchise opportunity and never charged a fee.  This is true regardless of what you decide to do at any point during the process.

It’s exciting to discover your ability to become self employed through franchising!  What a great way to achieve a future filled with Passion, Equity & much SUCCESS!  Scott Diener encompasses all the features needed of a professional franchise coach. Scott is always available to connect to help solve your ‘WHY’ statement of becoming self-employed. If you would like to learn more about what a franchise coach is, please check out this article:  ‘What is a Franchise Coach, Consultant, or Advisor?’.