Find your Best Franchise to Own

Find your Best Franchise to Own

Tired of climbing the unstable corporate ladder as you search for career options? Maybe a business with you as the boss is the right investment decision in yourself. Greater income potential and lifestyle rewards are great benefits of business ownership. First, it’s critical for you to figure out where to start on your entrepreneurial  journey. Your first step is to decide between starting your own business or joining a franchise.  A franchise opportunity is a good option if you want to start a company that has a system and generates profits sooner.  A very appealing advantage of buying a franchise is how it helps you hit the ground running because of its established business model.  This business model helps give your business a strong launch. Equally important, you receive systemic support that’s vital to your success.

As a potential Entrepreneur, you will use many different criteria to identify franchise business opportunities.  The opportunities that are easiest to find are not always the best fit for you. Moreover, having a friend or neighbor who has enjoyed success in their business does not translate as an indicator of your  success.  Likewise, buying the hottest franchise from a magazine list does not equate to an optimal fit. It’s just like purchasing a house, everyone has different criteria on what they value most.  I know both of my boys have similar goals, but their process for reaching these goals are very different. 

Franchise Business Characteristics Model

A preference model is key. Building your Business Characteristics Model helps guide you to find the right franchise opportunity.  The hard part is identifying the opportunity that best fits your experience and career goals.  For example, do your skills lie in B2C or B2B customers? Are you interested in emerging or established industries? Take a hard assessment of your goals and needs to get a clear business direction.  This characteristics model helps focus your ideal preferences. I created and use this primary preference model during our initial phase of our consultation.  This model helps my clients filter through the 1000’s of franchise opportunities.  Use this model to draft your ideal business preference blueprint.

I am here to help you as a guide into the world of franchising.  There is never a charge for my services.  You have no obligation to invest in a business if we work together.  If you have questions on how to apply the business preference model or want help to determine which franchise opportunities are best for you, please give me a call at (949) 900-0588 or reach out direct through my website contact.